The cheese straw is said to be formed by mistake, as in all other great foods, when a baker misformed his cheesy dough into short skinny strips. To his surprise when revealing his new creation from the oven, what could have been a baker's nightmare turned into a pleasant snack feeding a market belonging to only him. 


About Sweet Ruby

Mother's table was the heart of our home.

Guests and family always gathered there to be greeted with a glass of sweet tea or a warm cup of coffee.

Decisions were made, world problems solved, jokes and old stories told, but most of all, memories made there.

My mother, Ruby, was a wonderful cook.

She was a true Southern lady who grew up in hard times, as many did throughout the South during that era.

Every Sunday you could count on church with fried chicken to follow, paired with nothing less than a perfectly sweet piece of homemade pie to end (or begin) the upcoming week with. 

She had the uncanny ability to take just a little, in order to create a feast fit for any Southern king.

Mother's love was unconditional to all those who had the pleasure to know her.

When I started baking cheesecakes, I shortly followed in my mother's creative footsteps as a chef to stumble upon the art of baking cheese straws,

I wanted to honor her memory in some thank her for all she taught me in that tradition of a country kitchen.

The one word that best resonates to me and those close to her was Sweet. She was the definition for all of the sweet  yet to bloom in this world.

For months I pondered names for the business and it was always right there in front of me.

She was Sweet Ruby. So we encompass the legacy she left behind for you and all others to cherish and savor. 



I hope you enjoy our venture, Sweet Rubys and the products we have created for you.

-Judy Norris